PPE Travel Kit - Individual Bundle (2 Pack)

$17.98 $24.97


2 Bags, each bag contains:

  • (1) 2 oz Hand Sanitizer Citrus Blend
  • (2) Disposable Mask
  • (1) Face Balm For Masks
  • (1) 75% Alcohol Wipes Packages 


Have multiple bags for yourself or to share one with a loved one! Our PPE kit is unlike any other because it includes our Face Balm for Masks (as seen on the Today Show) that helps prevent friction, chafing or chapped skin from wearing a protective mask. The friction can lead to "maskne" which is what Face Balm is famous for helping prevent. Keep your family and your skin safe on the go.


Q) Is this kit made in the USA?

A) The hand sanitizer, disposable mask, and Face Balm are all made in the USA. Due to the limited supply, we did find a reliable source in China to get our 75% alcohol wipes.


Q) Is it registered with the FDA?

A) Our Hand Sanitizer is registered with the FDA and made in an American FDA registered manufacturing facility


Q) Does it enough alcohol in it?

A) All of the MedZone sanitizers exceed the CDC guidelines for effective Hand Sanitizers. We take pride in providing a quality product


Q) Can I carry it on an airplane for Travel?

A) Yes, we designed this for people who travel or are on the go often.  The compact sizes make it great for travel.

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