Chafe Prevention Stick - Prevent Chafing Before It Starts

Actual Customer Testimonials
  • "This product works great for chafing and for hot spots, and it does not feel greasy
  • "IN LOVE!!!!! works better than everything else that I have tried" 
  • "Worked so well for my kids' day at the beach. I applied it on my kids' inner thighs, and it prevented a rash frI'm sand.  Now, we have enjoyable beach days that last longer than 30 min!"
  • "Used this during a 25k race last weekend and had no chafing. So, it works!"
  • "Worked like a dream on my long travels through humid Asia. Worth every penny."



Key Features
  • Anti Chafe product for Active Athletes - Easy to apply, Long Lasting, Water resistant
  • Manufactured in compliance with FDA Guidelines - Created by Sports Medicine Professionals
  • Helps prevent chafing, rubbing, blisters in cycling, swimming, running, hiking and team sports
  • Used by professional, university and rec sports athletes young and old since 2001
  • High Intensity Formula that is Easy to Use Stick with Premium Results -
  • Cycling, Running, Swimming, Team Sports, Walking & More
  • Great for Triathlons, Marathons, Endurance Races & any high intensity triathlete or team athlete who needs to prevent chafing in the mid section, chest, nipples or between the thighs