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MedZone is for Dancers

Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz or Contemporary Dancers 

We can help prevent injury with MedZone.  Dancers are athletes who need help preventing injuries and irritations.   Our MedZone products are designed to help dancers and performing artists prevent, treat and manage pain associated with all areas of dance and performing arts.  The line of MedZone products make great dance accessories for performers at all levels of competition.


Prevent Chafing and Skin Irritation.

Friction from bare skin or some costumes can cause chafe around your arms, legs or mid section. Using ChafeZone to prevent friction can help dancers perform better and feel better.


Blister Prevention For Dancers

BlisterZone is formulated to prevent skin irritations, friction and blisters caused by dancers. Whether you dance with pointe shoes, tap shoes or bare skin, BlisterZone can help a dancer avoid painful irritations. Now dancers have options to help them prevent blisters.


EveryBODY hurts….now there is an alternative focused on dancers and performing artists aches, pains, strains muscle tension and overuse injuries. A proprietary blend of anti-inflammatory agents and essential fatty acids transports the ingredients deep into tissues for long lasting pain relief.

PainZone can be applied before or after performances to help dancers and performing artists perform better.

Dance Studio Owners
: If you own a dance studio and are interested in learning about our Dance Retailer Program to sell MedZone Products in your Studio feel free to email us at or call 866-MED-ZONE to learn more.

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