MedZone is for Firefighters

Whether you fight wildfires or structural fires

your heavily insulated turnouts are uncomfortably hot to wear but provide crucial protection. Before you don your bunker gear add MedZone® to your watch.


Every Body Hurts. Extinguish pain from ankle or back strains, overuse injuries like shin splints and tennis elbow, as well as muscle tension with PainZone®. A proprietary blend of anti-inflammatory agents and essential fatty acids transports the active ingredients deep into the tissues for long lasting pain relief.


“An ounce of ChafeZone® is worth a pound of cure!”. A quick swipe of ChafeZone®’s long lasting no-water formula stands up to sweat and body heat to prevent chafing caused by protective gear, boots, undershirt rubs and helmets.


Relieve and soothe minor burns or blisters with BurnZone® with 1% Lidocaine.

First Aid relief. BurnZone® provides relief with a natural, local anesthetic in addition to 1% Lidocaine for maximum relief. BurnZone® is easy to apply, quiets irritation, pain, and itching, and provides aid to irritated/damaged tissues.