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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the anti chafe stick work?
    • Yes, Chafezone is an anti chafing stick that is applied to the skin before activity.  It glides on your body easily and will help prevent friction that can cause chafing, thigh rub, nipple rub and other friction related irritations.
  • How does the blister prevention product work?
    • BlisterZone is a stick that glides on your foot or hands easily and creates a friction barrier to help prevent blisters from rubbing.  It provides blister prevention that is moisture resistant and long lasting.  It can be used with shoes, boots, skates, athletic shoes, heels, formal shoes and even gloves to help prevent blisters on your hand.
  • How is your pain relief product different than others?
    • PainZone is a very strong analgesic that helps comfort sore muscles, back pain, aches, arthritis symptoms and more.  The roll on has 3 Active Ingredients and does not include water.  PainZone Roll On is one of the strongest analgesics on the market.  For intense pain relief PainZone Roll On is a great alternative.  For every day use with a near odorless scent try the PainZone cream. It is a different formula than the roll on.  It is milder and provides quality penetrating relief for back pain, sprains, strains, aches, soreness and more.
  • What is Wound Wash used for?
    • Wound Wash is a sterile saline solution to help clean out wounds, cleanse wound dressings and can be used to help with piercing aftercare.  Use the 360 degree spraying stream to clean out wounds efficiently and safely.  There are no preservatives in our solution and it makes a great alternative for piercing and tattoo after care.  Many parents keep Wound Wash in their first aid kit for the youth athletes to help with cuts, scrapes, scratches.  If you need a sterile saline solution that is drug free, preservative free, easily applied...we have Wound Wash for you.
  • What athletes can benefit from your products?
    • Athletes, Weekend Warriors and Active People can all benefit from the MedZone product line.  Football players with cleats and pads get chafed and blisters.  Baseball players with new cleats and hot summers on the ball field can benefit.  Triathletes can use all of the products to help them while training for a triathlon or just going for a run or swim. Even people who walk or work outside can benefit.  Our products are made for people who are active.  Our slogan, "EveryBODY Hurts" is a big piece of our culture and in our product development.  We care about you.
  • Who can use these products?
    • Men, Women and Youth Athletes can all benefit from our products.  Blisters, chafing and pain impact people of all shapes and sizes.  If you need a quality solution to help with Blister Prevention, Chafe Prevention and help with managing back pain and sore muscles we have a solution for you.
  • Tell us about MedZone
    • We started in 2001. Since then we have provided quality products to our customers and continue to grow our line and brands so that we can help people.  All of our products are 100% guaranteed with a No Risk Guarantee.  We tell people we have Great Products and Awesome Service!  Contact us if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way.



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