MedZone Minute - Product Sales Training for Chiropractic Offices

Welcome to the MedZone Minute website.  Here we will offer short video clip training of commonly asked questions about our product line to help your staff sell product effectively to your patients.  Each video is less than two minutes and the subjects are based on feedback from our customers and their patients questions.

Our goal is to help you understand our products so your team can better explain the features and benefits to your patient who are considering PainZone or any of the MedZone product line. This series is made for professionals.

Watch the videos below to learn how your staff can answer questions from patients about any MedZone product.  These videos are intended to help your team be more successful.  At MedZone, we strive to offer great products with awesome service.  The MedZone team is here to help you.

Thanks for being a customer and checking out our new site intended to help you help your patients. This service is intended to help make your practice even more successful.  We always appreciate your feedback so if you have ideas on other topics or questions you would like us to cover please email your thoughts to

This is a private website intended for customers of MedZone only. 


Learn About the MedZone Minute Training Series


Who Is MedZone?

Introduction of PainZone-Why should your patients consider PainZone?

Why PainZone? Why is it different than other pain relief products?

How To Apply PainZone If It Appears Oily?

How To Use With UltraSound

MedZone had multiple products what are they and what do they do? What's in an Activity PAK combination kit?

Thank you for being a customer of MedZone. We hope these training videos are helpful to you and your staff.  If you have any feedback or requests for future videos feel free to contact us at