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Certified USA Triathlete Trainer

“I’ve been using ChafeZone for a while now. It protects me from chaffing and is very easy to use. I use it for both running and cycling and so far, I’ve been extremely satisfied!”

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Jeffrey E. Poplarski, D.C.

Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Jeff was appointed by the United States Golf Association (USGA) as the Chairman of the Practice Rounds and Caddy Committee for seven U.S. Open Golf Championships. Since 2002, Dr. Poplarski has been Chairman of the U.S. Open Golf Championship Wellness Team, totaling 16 years with the USGA.

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"Having run 6 Marathons, countless century bike rides, numerous half marathons and triathlons, I cannot say enough about MedZone's ChafeZone product.

All athletes suffer minor abrasions of varying degrees throughout training and racing. ChafeZone is without a doubt the most reliant product I have found for preventing chafing and minor abrasions."

Karen C.

"The players request your products continually and I have been very satisfied with the results we get . . ."

"Thank you for providing me the quality line of products that I will continue to use in the future. I have used your entire product line both personally and for use with the St. Louis Cardinals."

Barry Weinberg

Former Athletic Trainer—St. Louis Cardinals

"They have become the products of choice for my staff and our athletes. We strongly support MedZone and their entire product line."

"We have used PainZone and ChafeZone for several years on athletes we work with. We appreciate the quality and effectiveness these products give to athletes in a variety of sports."

Jeff Allen

Associate Athletic Director of Sports Medicine—University of Alabama

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