MedZone is for Military

Safety comes first

but frequently your gear, mission time, or weather conditions cause discomfort. When you suit up for duty, add a level of personal protection with MedZone®


PainZone® - Every Body Hurts. Find pain relief for strains, overuse injuries and muscle tension with PainZone®. A proprietary blend of anti-inflammatory agents and essential fatty acids transports the active ingredients deep into the tissues for long lasting pain relief.


Relieve and soothe sun and windburn or blisters with BurnZone® with 1% Lidocaine.

First Aid relief. BurnZone® provides relief with a natural, local anesthetic in addition to 1% Lidocaine for maximum relief. It is easy to apply, quiets irritation, pain, and itching, and provides aid to irritated/damaged tissues.


Prevent chafing with ChafeZone®.

“An ounce of ChafeZone® is worth a pound of cure!”. A quick swipe of ChafeZone®’s long lasting no-water formula prevents chafing caused by heavy packs, body armor, protective vests, new boots and belts.