Having Run 6 Marathons,

countless century bike rides, numerous half marathons and triathlons I cannot say enough about MedZone's ChafeZone product.

All athletes suffer minor abrasions of varying degrees throughout training and racing. ChafeZone is without a doubt the most reliant product I have found for preventing chafing and minor abrasions.

I have also used the ChafeZone product on my feet during marathons and century rides and have been able to prevent the burning and blisters that seem to go hand in hand with long races. ChafeZone is not greasy, does not stain my clothing and is very reasonably priced. The application of your product is easy, does not rub off and most importantly, does exactly what is named for, prevents painful chafing during all of my workouts and races.

Karen C.
From Reno, Nevada

Customer Testimonials

What customers are saying about MedZone

“They have become the products of choice for my staff and our athletes. We strongly support MedZone and their entire product line.”

Jeff Allen - Associate Athletic Director or Sports Medicine - University of Alabama

We have used PainZone and ChafeZone for several years on athletes we work with. We appreciate the quality and effectiveness these products give to athletes in a variety of sports."

- Jeff Allen - Associate Athletic Director or Sports Medicine - University of Alabama

“Performing in TV, film and Broadway musicals have taken a toll on my knees over the years...PainZone has saved my career and allowed me to continue an active lifestyle!...”

Adrian Zmed, Hollywood Film & TV Actor, Broadway Dance Performer

I am the biggest fan of PainZone and recommend it to all my friends in the dance and sports world. 

- Adrian Zmed, Hollywood Film & TV Actor, Broadway Dance Performer (Grease, Grease 2, TJ Hooker, Bachelor Party)


“The players request your products continually and I have been very satisfied with the results we get...”

Thank you for providing me the quality line of products that I will continue to use in the future.  I have used your entire product line both personally and for use with the St. Louis Cardinals. 

- Barry Weinberg - Athletic Trainer - St. Louis Cardinals

“ChafeZone is the best product I have found for blister prevention and friction reduction....”

In my 40 years as a Certified Athletic Trainer dealing with professional athletes in major league baseball, PGA Tour, and the Champions Tour, ChafeZone is the best product I have found for Blister Prevention and friction reduction on any part of the body.  In addition to being effective, it is extremely easy to use by either the Certified Athletic Trainer, Medical Professional or the athlete.

- Kent Biggerstaff, ATC - PGA & Champions Tour

“BlisterZone and PainZone should be in every dancers bag.”

"MedZone understands that dancers are athletes.  I wish I had these products when I was a professional dancer. I have seen the benefits to the dancers in my company. Thank you for introducing me to these excellent products for my company. You have a new fan of MedZone for dancers!"

Mary Pat Henry - Artistic Director - Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company

“Friends at the races I've let try ... are instantly impressed.”

- Gary Sutherlin, Test Rider for Dirt Rider Magazine

Wanted to thank you very much for getting me out your product in such short notice. Bob over at AME grips sent me a stick of the ChafeZone after I had a race that tore my hands apart really bad. Since then I haven't had any issues and have had friends at the races I've let try and they are instantly impressed.

- Gary Sutherlin, Test Rider for Dirt Rider Magazine

“It works like a charm. It immediately stopped the sting and the redness was gone in a few hours.”

- Gerry Detty, President of Pro Othropedic

I'm diving for the week. There has been more jelly fish than normal and it's tough not to get stung. I've done good all week until yesterday afternoon. I caught a tentacle across my left arm and side of my face. Standard procedure is to flush it with salt water then pour vinegar over it. Still stings like hell. Just before leaving Tucson I threw in the new BurnZone. It works like a charm. It immediately stopped the sting and the redness was gone in a few hours. If I had 100 bottles with me I could have sold them all!

- Gerry Detty, President of Pro Orthopedic

“By now I have had the chance to put all of the MedZone products to use in the field, and I have been very impressed.”

- Glen Stilson, Head Instructor for IndependenceTraining.com

ChafeZone: Monkey butt has been a major problem for me in the past, especially with 12+ hour day  in the harsh outdoors, as well as long distance backpacking trips. I have tried just about every product out there, to no avail. ChafeZone is like a gift from Heaven – it actually works, doesn’t feel weird and it’s easy to apply.

BurnZone: The first time I used it I experienced instant relief from a sunburn on my face.

PainZone: I participate in Adventure Races such as Tough Mudder and Spartan, and after the most recent Tough Mudder event, my team and I were feeling some soreness and pain in joints and muscles. I passed around the PainZone ‘red cap’ roller and everyone on the team said the same thing: “Wow – that stuff works! My pain is gone. ”

- Glen Stilson, Head Instructor for IndependenceTraining.com

“With so many topical preparations on the market, you can tell a difference when the athletes specifically request MedZone products for their therapy.”

- Ed Ryan MS, ATC, Director of Sports Medicine for the United States Olympic Committee

“The products have been valuable as a massage and topical analgesic application, wound and scar management, and for chronic injury management. Thank you for educating us on the benefits of MedZone products and for your support. Your assistance allows us to provide America's athletes with the medical care that they deserve.”

- Ed Ryan MS, ATC, Director of Sports Medicine for the U.S. Olympic Committee

“We use PainZone and our Professional athletes ask for it because it really penetrates giving them relief.”

- Jay Sabol, Head Athletic Trainer of the Miami Heat

“We apply right before practice or in a game situation, we apply just after their meeting on the way out to the floor. Applications include total knee, shoulder and ankles. My guys liked to have their ankles rubbed with PainZone before taping.

I feel also feel that PainZone really lasts and helps our guys get warmed up without having any of those pre-game creeks and pains. Without PainZone we would be off to slow starts….as you know in the NBA, no team can afford that.”

- Jay Sabol, Head Athletic Trainer of the Miami Heat

"You will always have the support of Mizzou Sports Medicine!”

- Rex L. Sharp, Associate Athletic Director/Sports Medicine, University of Missouri

“As you may know, I have been in collegiate athletic health care for almost 30 years at various levels. During that time I have tried several different products as topical analgesics, skin lubricants, and skin protectants. After working with your PainZone, ChafeZone ... and BurnZone respectively, I can honestly say, after using these products consistently for nearly five years, they are far superior to any other similarly marketed items available. Our student-athletes have responded very well to their use in a variety of ways, and ask for the products by name. Not only are these products the clear choice of our student athletes, but also the number one safe, fast acting line of products as recommended by the fifteen certified athletic trainers and 40 student athletic training interns at Mizzou.

Keep up the good work!! You will always have the support of Mizzou Sports Medicine.”

- Rex L. Sharp, Associate Athletic Director/Sports Medicine, University of Missouri

“We have been using ChafeZone for close to six years.”

- Anthony Pass, Head Athletic Trainer, University of Florida

“It has proven to be the only product that we trust to prevent friction burns and irritation. At the start of every season I hand the linemen their knee braces and a couple of ChafeZone sticks, and it is interesting because the older guys will teach the younger guys the importance of using the product. You know you have the right product when the players love it.”

- Anthony Pass, Head Athletic Trainer, University of Texas

“As an amputee, I was having a problem with very dry skin and severe blotching under the leg sleeve I have to wear.”

“My prosthetist thought it was a bacterial infection. After trying several different products with some prescribed by my doctor, I found that nothing worked. This raised concern, as I am also a diabetic.

Then Randy West, a prosthetist at Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, gave a sample of MedZone’s ChafeZone to me. I gave it a try and began to quickly see results. Within two days my leg started looking better. The blotching started to go away and so did the dry skin. After about 7 days there was a remarkable improvement in my leg. I have been using the ChafeZone for about three months, and it is great! It helped my leg then and continues to keep it healthy. There no longer is a concern about the condition of my leg.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. I definitely recommend ChafeZone to others.”

- Joseph J. Grencevicz

“We have used your products over the years from PainZone, BurnZone and ChafeZone on our players and I have used these products personally and find them second to none.”

The ease of application for the PainZone and the effect has been wonderful as we have found it relieves general soreness on muscles as well as joints. The BurnZone has been a great product as well and we have found multiple uses for this product in our training rooms. The list of uses continues to grow. The product that I'm happiest with is the ChafeZone as we again have found multiple uses for this product. When we travel on the road to cities with tremendous humidity the ChafeZone product has reduced and/or eliminated chafing under the arms as well as torso. In my estimation the chafing is due to the sweat collecting within the T-shirt the player wears close to the skin causing irritation. Another area is on the inner thighs for the same reason. As you know this can be a horrible situation when chafing occurs and you hesitate to move because the chafing is so uncomfortable. We cannot afford to have our athletes on the side lines or not performing to their maximum ability for any reason. ChafeZone with one application for the most part relieves the irritation or at a minimum greatly reduces the irritation. Some players have used this product in a preventative manner applying the product each day to “prevent” chafing before it occurs.

We could not be happier with your products and enjoy our relationship with you and your company.”

- Thomas Probst, PT, ATC - Senior Director of Medical Operations - Colorado Rockies Baseball


Chafe Zone helped me win Biggest Loser Season 12! 

I used this product when I was on NBC's The Biggest Loser season 12. This stuff got me through my first marathon and daily workouts that lasted up to 10 hours. There is nothing better than ChafeZone to prevent friction. 

-John Rhode, Winner NBC's Biggest Loser Season 12

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This is a fantastic product, which has allowed me to perform my best, in the worst of conditions!"

I have been a member of the military for 8 years and have always had issues with blisters, friction burns and skin irritation, as a result of long distance movements with a heavy rucksack and hours spent on my feet. While conducting US Army Special Operations Training, this past fall, I used ChafeZone to prevent these injuries and following months of strenuous activity, with very little recovery time, my feet, groin and back were left unscathed. This is a fantastic product, which has allowed me to perform my best, in the worst of conditions. 

-1LT Smith, United States Army


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