SweatZone is a Natural Waist Trimmer Gel for Men and Women

  • OPTIMIZE YOUR GYM WORKOUT: If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to enhance your fitness routine, try SweatZone Gel. Apply this product to your abs to trap in heat and encourage sweating. As you gain muscle mass, this balm can help you sculpt your midsection and develop a lean, slim body.

ACTIVATE BLOOD CIRCULATION: SweatZone Balm is formulated to help activate blood circulation in your waist and increase sweating. This stimulation can help create heat in the core and build muscle mass.

  • Workout Waist Trainer Enhancer Gel

Perfect waist trimmer for men or women 


SweatZone Balm’s heavy-duty, gel-like barrier wicks away sweat while entrapping heat to maintain warmer muscles.

For the best results, use SweatZone Balm with the SweatZone Belt, which is made with breathable neoprene.

SweatZone Workout Enhancer - Original - MedZone - Because EveryBODY Hurts -Prevent Blisters, Chafing & Help w/ Pain Relief

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Maximize Your Exercise Routine

  • Muscle recovery supplement for the gym or yoga studio. Try our sweet sweat zone gel for a sweet workout where you can maximize your potential.

Awesome Weight Loss Supplement

Whether you’re running, lifting weights, or doing pilates, this belt-and-cream system is a smart way to stimulate blood flow and encourage more sweating as your belt wicks away moisture.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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Sweat Zone Reviews

Cduke  -  6 May 2019

"SweatZone really works! The product is unlike any workout enhancer around. I’m so happy I tried this stuff and suggest it to anyone trying to further their fitness!"

Barry Weinberg - Athletic Trainer - St. Louis Cardinals

"Thank you for providing me the quality line of products that I will continue to use in the future. I have used your entire product line both personally and for use with the St. Louis Cardinals. "

Jeff Allen - Associate Athletic Director or Sports Medicine - University of Alabama

"They have become the products of choice for my staff and our athletes. We strongly support MedZone and their entire product line.”


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