Activity PAK


  • PACK INCLUDES: 1 oz pain zone; 0.8oz Chafe Zone; 0.8 oz blister zone; 3 pack of 0.125 oz burn zone; great for triathletes, runners, cyclists and team sports
  • CHAFEZONE: glides on to prevent chafing, rubbing and blisters; an effective friction barrier no matter what your activity
  • PAINZONE: is penetrating and fast acting topical relief from muscle aches and pains associated with exercise
  • BLISTERZONE: is designed with a unique formula to prevent the friction that causes blisters; moisture resistant skin lubricant that is long lasting
  • BURNZONE: helps with taking the sting out of sunburn, turf burn, wood burn minor insect bites and more


  • BurnZone
  • ChafeZone
  • BlisterZone
  • PainZone

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