• PREVENT BLISTERS BEFORE THEY START: Moisture resistant, high quality formula creates an effective base
  • EASY TO APPLY STICK for Easy application and long lasting prevention with athletic shoes, high tops and heels. HELPS WITH NEW SHOES OR HIGH HEELS to prevent irritation associated with friction and rubbing in formal shoes. Apply as needed to prevent rubbing, hot spots and blisters.
  • WORKS ON FEET & HANDS -Premium blister prevention formula helps active people prevent blisters, hot spots & friction. Formulated with aloe vera, eucalyptus oil and 1% Dimethicone
  • AWARD WINNING PRODUCT FOR ACTIVE PEOPLE -Made in the USA in an ISO certified, FDA registered facility and developed by sports medicine professional
  • WEAR SHOES OR GLOVES MORE COMFORTABLY -Good for use with dancers, swimming, scuba, cycling, rodeo, basketball, motocross, BMX, motorcycle


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