What’s it do?

  • Soothes minor wood, turf, & mat burns
  • Cools sun and windburns
  • Relieves the sting and pain of blisters and non-poisonous insect bites
  • Calms itching and provides itch relief
  • Sold in Travel Box of (5) one time use packets
  • Decreases discomfort during Tattoo Removal

Product Details

BurnZone® incorporates a natural, local anesthetic in addition to 1% Lidocaine for maximum pain relief. A proprietary blend of essential fatty acids takes the sting and burn out of blisters and minor burns, relieves insect bite itching, and calms skin irritations. Preferred by medics and corpsmen, BurnZone’s smooth application quickly quiets irritation, pain, and itching.  Sold in a Travel Box of (5) one time use packets of 3.6 grams.

 If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with a product within 30 days of purchase, please return the unused portion in its original container, along with receipt of purchase and we will refund your money in full, less shipping and handling charges.

Best Used For

  • Exhaust Burns
    Exhaust Burns
  • Sunburn & Windburn
    Sunburn & Windburn
  • Blisters
  • Minor Burns
    Minor Burns
  • Non-Poisonous Bug Bites
    Non-Poisonous Bug Bites
  • Post-Cosmetic Laser Surgery
    Post-Cosmetic Laser Surgery