Developed with input from special operations forces around the world, ChafeZone® was formulated to last all day. Our unique formula will not break down easily in the presence of perspiration, chlorine, salt water or urine so it provides an effective friction barrier no matter what your activity.

  • Anti Chafe product for Active Athletes - Easy to apply, Long Lasting, Water resistant
  • Manufactured in compliance with FDA Guidelines - Created by Sports Medicine Professionals
  • Helps prevent chafing, rubbing, blisters in cycling, swimming, running, hiking and team sports
  • Used by professional, university and rec sports athletes young and old since 2001
  • High Intensity Formula that is Easy to Use Stick with Premium Results -
  • Cycling, Running, Swimming, Team Sports, Walking & More
  • Golfers & Caddies use ChafeZone to avoid thigh rub and chafing and enjoy walking the course in comfort
  • Great for Triathlons, Marathons, Endurance Races & any high intensity triathlete or team athlete who needs to prevent chafing in the mid section, chest, nipples or between the thighs

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