Stainless Steel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser



Our Stainless Steel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a step towards a cleaner world. It sends a message to your employees & customers that you are invested in their safety. Not only that but it's stylish, easy to use, and refillable. It requires no maintenance and you can use any hand sanitizer to refill the unit. There's no better way to help keep your employees and customers safe.

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Length: 11.8in

Width: 11.8in

Height: 39in

Weight: 22lbs

Holds 64oz of sanitizer

Pumps per refill: 2,600


Q: What kind of refills do I need?

A: It can take any kind of hand sanitizer gel, no propriety refill kits needed

Q: Does it require power?

A: No power is needed.

Q: Will it tip over easy?

A: It has a stable base with optional holes for bolting into the ground

Q: What is the material?

A: It's made of industrial-strength stainless steel


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