Wireless Bluetooth TENS Unit

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  • WIRELESS & RECHARGEABLE W/ CONVENIENT BLUETOOTH PHONE REMOTE CAPABILITY: Say bye to those pesky wires getting tangled and knotted causing more stress instead of less. We understand how much of a nuisance’s wires can be, with this unit you can be active and move around while wearing it. This TENS Massager is controlled by a free app on your phone. Download the app and control your device directly by your smart phone. We want you to be wireless using your professional TENS unit.
  • HELPS WITH MUSCLE PAIN, SORENESS, & BODY ACHES RELIEF, FDA REGISTERED: Wireless TENS Unit Massager is you’re at home or on the road personal masseuse. Simply apply the TENS pads to the needed area on your body, adjust the app for the strength and type of massage needed and press go from your phone. Feeling achy or sore, snap on the massager pads connect to the Bluetooth App on your phone and instantly begin to enjoy the benefits. No wires, rechargeable, light and compact and easy to carry
  • EASY TO USE AT HOME WITH REUSABLE ELECTRODE PADS: No Remote control needed. Use your phone. Each mode has settings focused on different areas of the body including, neck, arm, waist, shoulders, legs and back. Simple to use diagrams allow you to find the right setting to help your situation. All operations are controlled by your phone. Great to keep around the house or to give as a gift to an athlete or active person. Special Bonus Includes an Acupuncture Treatment Points Guide
  • MULTIPLE PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS & SIX VARIABLE MASSAGE MODES: Your soreness will vary depending on your most recent activities. We understand that and want to provide you with the best treatments and care possible. The Medzone Wireless TENS Unit has six massage modes including muscle kneading, cupping and more. It offers variable strength massaging in six different body areas on each mode. The internal timer allows you to set the exact amount of time you want the massager to work
  • SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE & PERFECT FOR ACTIVE PEOPLE: If you have athletic friends or family in your life, this at home or on the go TENS massage therapy device is a great, practical gift. Both Men and Women alike so they can help treat aches and pains. Help keep your friends and family active. Great to help with back pain, knee pain, arthritis symptoms, soreness, tennis elbow, golf elbow, and more. Each kit comes with a TENS device, two sets of TENS pads and USB charger accessories

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