Wound Wash


  • ESSENTIAL FIRST AID KIT PRODUCT: Add Wound Wash to your first aid kit for use to clean cuts, scrapes, wounds, dressing, bandages, or piercings.
  • CLEANSES WITHOUT THE STING: Avoid the burn of hydrogen peroxide with Wound Wash to provide moisture and help cleanse to promote healing.
  • EASY TO USE 360 DEGREE SPRAY: Use Wound Wash at any angle for easy, consistent application to wounds and piercings.
  • PIERCING AFTERCARE: Recommended by piercers, Wound Wash cleanses body piercings to avoid infection and promote healing.
  • STERILE, DRUG-FREE, AND PRESERVATIVE FREE: Wound Wash's Sterile Saline Solution removes dirt and debris from wounds and promotes the healing process.
  • VARIABLE STRENGTH: allows total control of the amount of wash depending on the area of application
  • 360 DEGREE SPRAY: For those hard to reach wounds!
  • REMOVES DIRT & DEBRIS: The continuous spray dislodges dirt and debris from wounds to promote healing.
  • STERILE: Contents remain sterile throughout the life of the can.
  • INGREDIENTS: Sterile 0.9% Sodium Chloride Solution and Purified Water

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