Saline Wound Wash

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  • ESSENTIAL FIRST AID KIT PRODUCT: Add Wound Wash to your first aid kit for use to clean cuts, scrapes, wounds, dressing, bandages, or piercings.
  • CLEANSES WITHOUT THE STING: Avoid the burn of hydrogen peroxide with Wound Wash to provide moisture and help cleanse to promote healing.
  • EASY TO USE 360 DEGREE SPRAY: Use Wound Wash at any angle for easy, consistent application to wounds and piercings.
  • PIERCING AFTERCARE: Recommended by piercers, Wound Wash cleanses body piercings to avoid infection and promote healing.
  • STERILE, DRUG-FREE, AND PRESERVATIVE FREE: Wound Wash's Sterile Saline Solution removes dirt and debris from wounds and promotes the healing process.
  • VARIABLE STRENGTH: allows total control of the amount of wash depending on the area of application
  • 360 DEGREE SPRAY: For those hard to reach wounds!
  • REMOVES DIRT & DEBRIS: The continuous spray dislodges dirt and debris from wounds to promote healing.
  • STERILE: Contents remain sterile throughout the life of the can.
  • INGREDIENTS: Sterile 0.9% Sodium Chloride Solution and Purified Water
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? Wound Wash is a sterile saline solution that can help with wound dressings, piercing aftercare, scrapes, cuts, etc. to help clean out the debris and help prevent irritations related to minor acute cuts and scrapes or after care from piercings or tattoos.  Using the sterile saline with no preservatives helps clean the wound or piercing easily and effectively.  It is a great product to put in your first aid kit or in a piercing or tattoo shop to help with after care.
  • Perfect wound wash spray for nipple piercing aftercare and nose and ear piecing aftercare. In addition, this works well for tattoo blowouts as the healing process begins.

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