How REAL SIMPLE Shares Face Balm for Masks

From a company that shares tips, tricks, products, and hacks that make life a little more simple. REAL SIMPLE highlights how wearing a protective mask can cause heat and irritation to your skin. That is only for us everyday mask wearers (hopefully that is you too). For the medical industry and first responders, it can cause so much irritation it leaves red lines on your face. REAL SIMPLE's solution, Face Balm for Mask by MedZone. We are excited to be featured on REAL SIMPLE's article as a solution that can help people feel better when wearing a mask. Plus, the irritation and heat from the mask can cause acne/"maskne", which Face Balm also helps prevent. 

When you are going out shopping for the new school year, getting groceries, or even working, put on Face Balm to help protect your skin.

Read the REAL SIMPLE article here.