December 17, 2017


MedZone Announces Wholesale Program for Medical & Chiropractor Offices

MedZone is now offering a Wholesale/Reseller program to qualified Medical Offices and Chiropractic Clinics.  

Since 2001, MedZone has offered premium products to athletes and active people at all levels of competition.  Now, MedZone is debuting a wholesale program to allow chiropractors the ability to carry PainZone, topical pain relief roll on, to help their patients.  

"By creating special programs for doctors of chiropractic, we feel we can help more people benefit from using PainZone.  Chiropractors now have the ability to carry PainZone in their offices to offer a unique product that is not available in mass retail or pharmacies.  We are dedicated to the chiropractic community and want to continue our success in this market."

PainZone's proprietary blend of three active ingredients, a fatty acid base and no water as filler, positions it as a superior product for aches, pains and strains that many chiropractic  and physical therapy patients can benefit from.

Look for PainZone in major industry publications and upcoming industry events.  To learn more about reselling PainZone in your office, click here.


November 06, 2017


MedZone Partners with MeyerDC To Offer Products To Chiropractors

MedZone Taps into Medical Industry Through Partnership with MeyerDC™

Leading sports medicine company partners with chiropractic distributor to offer quality, topical treatments to professional clinics and therapists

LENEXA, KS--(Marketwired - Nov 6, 2017) -  MedZone, a leading sports medicine company, announces today its partnership with MeyerDC™, one of the nation's largest suppliers of chiropractic equipment and necessities. Now, chiropractors have access to MedZone's full product line of topical solutions for managing common aches, pains and skin irritations experienced by their patients. MedZone's signature product, PainZone is formulated to help treat patients' body tension and sore muscles through a roll-on analgesic, a perfect addition to chiropractic therapies.

"It's an honor to partner and provide our product line to MeyerDC™, a reputable leader in the health and wellness distribution industry," says CEO of MedZone, Joe Freeman. "This collaboration will enable chiropractors to care for patients in new ways, using simple and reliable topical solutions. We look forward to catering to this market, as our brand continues to establish itself across professional industries."

MedZone initially began by catering to the military and has since grown reaching professionals and patrons in many sectors including the athletic, law enforcement, medical and personal wellness industries. MedZone continues to develop the highest-grade solutions, specifically designed to meet the standards of professionals. Tapping into the chiropractic market is the most recent milestone in achieving recognition as a professionally trusted brand.

October 18, 2017


Holiday Survival Guide for the Active Soul - Holiday Gifts for Athletes

It’s that time of year again – the time for holiday cheer, family fun, and you guessed it – mountains of savory food!

While the holidays are a great time to indulge in delectable foods, it is also the perfect time to be active to combat extra calorie intake. Whether you’re watching your waistline or just looking to stay healthy in the skin you’re in – it’s important to have the right gear to support your active routine. So, before heading to the gym, taking a hike in the cool winter weather, or gearing up for a popular Thanksgiving Turkey Trot this season, be sure your bag is complete with the right essentials. Here are some tips from our team:

Get Active!

Sometimes getting active is as simple as having the right workout gear. When packing your bag for an adventurous day, include your favorite pair of sneakers and workout outfit. Make sure they are comfortable, fit well and won’t cause skin irritation. Consider including recovery products, such as compression socks, which are great for blood flow. If the cold weather hasn’t reached your city yet, maybe bring a towel for perspiration, because we all dread sweat in our eyes. Lastly, hydration is key, so grab a bottle of water or your favorite sports drink.

Be Proactive!

Regardless of the activity you choose to do and the workout clothes you pack, injuries are often inevitable. Whether you are running a marathon, lifting weights or enjoying a family game of flag football, prevent and manage these pains ahead of time, so you can enjoy your holiday season to its fullest.

One solution has it all: MedZone’s Activity PAK, a combination kit that helps combat chafing, blisters, pain, muscle aches, sun burns, scrapes and more. Each product – PainZone, ChafeZone, BlisterZone, and BurnZone – is conveniently packed into travel-size tubes for daily on-the-go use.

Share the love!

In addition to working on your own fitness routine this season, consider sharing the perfect active gear with your friends and family. After all, the holidays are all about giving, and a gym bag packed with essentials like the MedZone Activity PAK makes for a great christmas present.

Happy holidays from our MedZone family to yours!


September 07, 2017

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Travel Weekly Calls The Activity PAK a "Trip Saver" For Vacation Travel

Travel Weekly a leading travel publication with over 400,000 visitors featured MedZone's Activity PAK in the latest issue of What's Hot In Vacation Travel.  Travel Weekly called the MedZone Activity PAK a "trip saver" for common traveler complaints.  

The MedZone line can help prevent blisters, chafing, swimsuit rash, manage pain and soreness and help with itch relief from minor insect bites and burns.  Combined the easy to carry PAK is a great addition for any vacation travel.


August 10, 2017


Footwear News - Highlights BlisterZone for Preventing Blisters

Footwear News recently ranked BlisterZone as one of the top remedies for preventing blisters for those who prefer to go sockless with shoes.

"Beauty knows no pain, or so the saying goes. Since wearing hose or socks with shoes and even boots may be considered old school these days, heel blisters and other skin conditions are becoming commonplace as the foot comes into contact with the back of shoes.

This condition is not limited to one type of footwear. Among the most common are ballet flats and pumps where there’s little or no cushioning material at the heel counter. Athletic shoes do offer some protection at the area with padded collars, but heel friction can still occur, especially while running.

For those not quite ready to give up the barefoot look, there are a range of over-the-counter products on the market that offer pain relief. They include adhesives that are placed directly on the skin to oils and balms that remedy skin damage that’s already been done."

July 28, 2017


Another Great Review of MedZone's Activity Pak!

Another great article about the positive impacts that the MedZone product line has for Golfers. It's a great solution to help prevent chafing, blisters and manage aches, pains and sore muscles for people who play golf or caddie. Thank you Cape Gazette for the awesome review!

Check it out here:

July 22, 2017


MedZone's PainZone Featured In Baseball Reflections!

MedZone's product PainZone was recently featured in a great review written by This site is dedicated to keeping readers up to date with all things baseball! In the article it discusses information about PainZone and how it compares to other competition.  For more information about the review and Baseball Reflections check out the following link! Swing pain free with PainZone!!

Check it out here:

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