August 10, 2017


Footwear News - Highlights BlisterZone for Preventing Blisters

Footwear News recently ranked BlisterZone as one of the top remedies for preventing blisters for those who prefer to go sockless with shoes.

"Beauty knows no pain, or so the saying goes. Since wearing hose or socks with shoes and even boots may be considered old school these days, heel blisters and other skin conditions are becoming commonplace as the foot comes into contact with the back of shoes.

This condition is not limited to one type of footwear. Among the most common are ballet flats and pumps where there’s little or no cushioning material at the heel counter. Athletic shoes do offer some protection at the area with padded collars, but heel friction can still occur, especially while running.

For those not quite ready to give up the barefoot look, there are a range of over-the-counter products on the market that offer pain relief. They include adhesives that are placed directly on the skin to oils and balms that remedy skin damage that’s already been done."

July 28, 2017


Another Great Review of MedZone's Activity Pak!

Another great article about the positive impacts that the MedZone product line has for Golfers. It's a great solution to help prevent chafing, blisters and manage aches, pains and sore muscles for people who play golf or caddie. Thank you Cape Gazette for the awesome review!

Check it out here:

July 22, 2017


MedZone's PainZone Featured In Baseball Reflections!

MedZone's product PainZone was recently featured in a great review written by This site is dedicated to keeping readers up to date with all things baseball! In the article it discusses information about PainZone and how it compares to other competition.  For more information about the review and Baseball Reflections check out the following link! Swing pain free with PainZone!!

Check it out here:

July 05, 2017


MedZone Featured in Walmart Press Release

MedZone was featured in a press release about Walmart Open Call 2017. 

More than 500 Companies – Including Local Kansas Businesses – Chosen to Pitch Their U.S. Made Products at Walmart’s June 28 Open Call

June 30, 2017


MedZone Activity Pak Featured in Men's Journal

MedZone's Activity Pak is featured as "Your go-to first-aid kit" for Summer in an article written by Men's Journal. Our Activity Pak includes all 4 of our main products and is very portable and easy to use. Whenever you need to prevent, treat, or manage and burns, cuts, aches, pains, chafing, etc. MedZone's Activity Pak is here to help. Now available on Amazon and Walmart. 

Check out the article here:

June 29, 2017


MedZone Featured in Forbes Magazine

MedZone was recently featured in Forbes Magazine for its participation in Walmart S Open Call 2017. More than 500 companies and 750 products made their way to Bentonville, Arkansas for the opportunity to be on a Walmart shelf. CEO Joe Freeman was one of the few to be granted an exclusive interview with Forbes to discuss strategy, atmosphere, and both MedZone and PlusZone products. MedZone and PlusZone were both standouts at Walmart Open Call because the brands meet the needs of those involved in every activity and lifestyle! Be on the lookout for our products in a Walmart near you! 

Check out the article here:

June 20, 2017


ChafeZone Featured on ESPN at The U.S. Open

ChafeZone has been available to caddies and players at The U.S. Open golf tournament for the past two years.  The stress of walking and carrying a bag in a warm climate often times leads golfers and caddies to suffer from chafing. 

MedZone has provided these professionals products in the past to help prevent this painful irritation.  This year ChafeZone was featured on ESPN's SportsCenter before the final round. 


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