Face Balm for Mask - A Letter From the CEO

There is no doubt that our world has changed drastically due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After watching how COVID-19 has impacted our society, specifically healthcare workers and first responders, it felt only natural to pivot our efforts to help those being affected by both the long- and short-term effects in any way we could. Last month our customers were asking us if our other chafe prevention products could work on their face due to skin irritations and rubbing from medical masks. As a leader in the anti-chafe and anti-friction skincare market since 2001, my team immediately went to work to create a premium solution to our customers' problems to use on the face – Face Balm.


Face Balm is made of all-natural ingredients, gentle enough to use on the face but potent enough to reduce chaffing and chapped skin. Once we had the formulation finalized, we knew we needed to package it in an easy to carry and easy to use container. We chose a sleek pocket-size stick container that is convenient to carry and perfect for on-the-go use. The small size lets the user apply it in small areas without the mess of a larger container. No matter your reason for needing the balm, it is the real solution to reduce discomfort from mask-wearing in any setting. 


My team and I saw the need in the marketplace for an effective, natural product that can help those who are wearing masks for long periods of time.  We knew we needed to take our skincare expertise and produce a product for anyone who wears a mask, from essential workers to families at home. After working tirelessly and rapidly to create and produce this new and unique product line, I am proud to introduce Face Balm to the market and am looking forward to the relief it will bring to all who use it. 


Thank you to all the first responders, nurses, doctors, medical workers, truck drivers, and anyone who is working to keep our economy going as we navigate through these uncharted waters. We salute those heroes for what they are doing for all of us and feel proud to offer them what we can to help at this time, starting with Face Balm. We appreciate our community’s help in spreading the word to all those in need of the balm. Please continue to contact us directly with any inquiries!


Joe Freeman