MedZone Face Balm for Masks - Press Release

“Last month our customers were asking us if our other chafe prevention products could work on their face due to skin irritations and rubbing from medical masks. Once we heard that, our team went to work to create a premium solution to our customers problems to use on the face.” Said Joe Freeman, CEO of MedZone.

Repeatedly wearing masks of any type can cause skin irritation, bruising and scars. Face Balm by MedZone was created to be a gentle balm on the face to help reduce the effects of rubbing and chapped skin from wearing the mask. MedZone used its years of expertise to create an easy-to-apply formula of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, aloe extract, avocado, jojoba and olive oil, making it great for all skin types.

“Once we had the formulation finalized, we knew we needed to package it in an easy to carry and easy to use container. We chose a sleek pocket size stick container that is convenient to carry and perfect for on-the-go use. The small size lets the user apply it in small areas without the mess of a larger container.

“Our team saw the need in the marketplace for an effective, natural product that can help those who are wearing masks for long periods of time. We knew we needed to take our skincare expertise and produce a product for anyone who wears a mask. The team worked tirelessly to rapidly create and produce a new unique product line that is needed with the increasing demand of PPE” Freeman says.

MedZone will be donating product to various hospitals around the country to help medical and first responders during this chaotic time. Plans are being made to contribute a portion of sales to charitable organizations making an impact to first responders and medical workers around the country. Previously the company had social responsibility programs like this for its hand sanitizer products.

Face Balm For Masks will be priced at $11.97 (3 pack) available at starting Monday May 18th and at major retailers soon.

About MedZone

The mission of MedZone® is to make EveryBODY Feel Better. MedZone products work to prevent, treat and manage aches, pains, discomforts, wounds, hand hygiene and skin-chafing issues for individuals in sports, industrial settings and recreational activities. Our products were initially designed in 2001 based on requests from medical professionals, athletes and U.S. Military. Over the years the products have been adapted to work for athletes, active people, law enforcement, military and for certain healthcare needs. With the increase in market need for sanitizers and hand hygiene products, Medzone has created a new line of products including hand sanitizing gel, hand sanitizing spray and foaming hand sanitizers in addition to Face Balm. The company is currently donating $0.10 per unit of hand sanitizer unit sold to the World Health Organization.The company is growing its Hygiene and Health Product category due to the increased need in the marketplace. Additional new products in this category are planned through the Summer 2020.