Why Your Business Needs a Hand Sanitizer Program...

What types of hand sanitizers are you offering your employees? Did you know you have options? Don't settle for whatever you can fine. There are better sanitizers out there than those of questionable quality. Making the right choices is an important part of reopening your office and being able to keep it open. Don’t worry, that’s where we step in. Keep reading to know all the details, requirements, benefits, and possible solutions.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many companies were forced into lockdown or implemented remote working environment scenarios. The idea behind this was to slow down the spread of the virus and keep customers and employees safe in the workplace. While many business activities will be resuming the situation should remain a priority for CEO’s, COO’s, H/R executives and Facilities Managers.   

MedZone has created a custom Business Hand Sanitizer Program for companies of all sizes to make sure they have quality products in the right sizes and available when they need them for their various team members. At MedZone we have created multiple sizes and styles of sanitizers as well as other PPE products that can help any size office.

How can we be sure we have high quality and safe products?

First, our hand sanitizers are Made in the USA in FDA registered labs. There have been many stories lately about dangerous hand sanitizer products coming from Mexico and China. In a rush to get to a frenzied market other companies have taken short cuts and provided low quality and potentially dangerous products. All of MedZone’s hand sanitizer products are made in the United States, in manufacturing facilities that adhere to the highest levels of quality. We offer safety data sheets on all of our products and testing reports to prove there is no presence of any harmful ingredients. We list all of our products with the FDA and all quality testing is performed in facilities that are registered with the FDA.

Proper Sanitization In Offices Is Crucial To Your Business

Proper sanitization and hygiene is the only way to minimize the growth and spread of viruses and other harmful bacteria. To keep your workplace and employees safe from contagious diseases, it is imperative to implement a hand sanitizer program to help protect your team. MedZone believes that by using our hand sanitizer products, you and your employees can remain healthy and maintain a safe working environment. 

Hand Sanitizer Benefits at Offices

  • By practicing personal hygiene methods, especially hand washing, you can prevent spreading viruses in the community and remain safe. This can also reduce absenteeism at your workplace, which could lead to a decrease in revenue.
  • Your business growth depends on your employees. If you have well informed workers who use hand sanitizer on a regular basis, chances of becoming ill due to contagious diseases lessen. To get started develop and implement a proper hand sanitizer program at your workplace. Train your workers to sanitize their hands after every handshake, or before using other office equipment. Employees should wash their hands frequently and supplement with hand sanitizer in-between.
  • MedZone manufactures a hand sanitizer formula that is gentle on your skin and also offers lotions and soaps to help establish a skin care routine.
  • By using a custom designed program of hand sanitizing products, your team can return to the office and have the tools needed to feel safe and stay healthy.

Why MedZone?

  • MedZone Hand Sanitizers are Made in the USA
  • MedZone lists all of its hand sanitizing products with the FDA
  • Manufacturing facilities for hand sanitizers are registered with the Food & Drug Administration
  • Various sizes of sanitizing products allow for the best size for each situation. With our hand sanitizer program we recommend a 32 oz pump for each conference room, an 8 oz bottle at all employee work stations, and a 2 oz bottle for a purse, briefcase or for travel bag. One size does not fit all!!!
  • MedZone offers a variety of products including hand sanitizer dispensers, masks, face balm for masks, wipes and other accessories for use in your office.
  • Our website offers a calculator to help create an estimated package with a variety of sizes to fit your team. One of our experienced team members can give you recommendations as well. They key is you can create an accurate and cost effective forecast of what your team needs.
  • MedZone is a small company with national distribution. We work hard to make sure your experience is positive and customer service is outstanding.

In today’s chaotic world everyone deserves to feel protected, prepared and safe. The MedZone hand sanitizer program for office and business use allow companies to get high quality products for their teams and customers. Getting the right products in the right sizes is key. Making it simple to order, receive and use are critical to your office success and MedZone is here to help.




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