BlisterZone Receives Gold Medal In Excellence in Innovation Awards From Training & Conditioning Magazine

Training & Conditioning magazine, a leading publication for athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals, recently awarded BlisterZone with the Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Innovation for Injury Prevention in athletes. 

"Training & Conditioning has created the Excellence in Innovation Awards program to honor products that are game-changers for sports medicine and strength and conditioning professionals.  The award selections were based on reader polling." said Training & Conditioning's May/June Issue.

Since 2001 the MedZone product line has been available to athletes at the highest level of competition.  BlisterZone is a great product to help prevent blisters before they start. 

The premium formula helps prevent friction that causes blisters on hands and feet.  "We are very proud and excited with the recent recognition by Training & Conditioning magazine readers and with the very positive feedback we have received from our customers on this product.  We are committed to serving athletes with products that help prevent, treat and manage injuries that athletes endure." said Joe Freeman, CEO of MedZone.

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