ChafeZone Prevents Chafe At the Beach; A Vacation Travel Necessity

Summer is in full swing and the heat is skorching around the country.  Many people head to the beach or pool for vacation during this hot time and many suffer some sort of swimsuit rash.  

Swimsuit rash, (Also called chafe, chafing, thigh rub, swamp ass, monkey butt and more) may sound like humorous or provocative terms but the irritations caused by chafing are real, painful and can ruin your vacation.  Getting in and out of the water in the heat can accelerate the onset of friction that cause chafed skin.

The professionals at MedZone developed our signature chafing prevention product ChafeZone in 2001.  Since then we have written the book on "How To Prevent Chafing". 

ChafeZone is long lasting, moisture resistant and durable for those vacation trips to the beach and pool.  Applying ChafeZone before you get in the water will help you enjoy the trip to the beach more and avoid the painful irritation associated with heat and friction...whatever term you use to describe it.

ChafeZone comes in an easy to apply roll on anti chafe stick for use on your legs, thighs, chest, midsection and arms.  It's a gentle formula that can be applied any where externally and will help you enjoy your vacation even more.

Summer is heating up, vacations are being enjoyed and parents and kids now have a solution to help prevent the painful swimsuit rashes commonly referred to as chafed skin.


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