Footwear News - Highlights BlisterZone for Preventing Blisters

Footwear News recently ranked BlisterZone as one of the top remedies for preventing blisters for those who prefer to go sockless with shoes.

"Beauty knows no pain, or so the saying goes. Since wearing hose or socks with shoes and even boots may be considered old school these days, heel blisters and other skin conditions are becoming commonplace as the foot comes into contact with the back of shoes.

This condition is not limited to one type of footwear. Among the most common are ballet flats and pumps where there’s little or no cushioning material at the heel counter. Athletic shoes do offer some protection at the area with padded collars, but heel friction can still occur, especially while running.

For those not quite ready to give up the barefoot look, there are a range of over-the-counter products on the market that offer pain relief. They include adhesives that are placed directly on the skin to oils and balms that remedy skin damage that’s already been done."

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