Holiday Survival Guide for the Active Soul - Holiday Gifts for Athletes

It’s that time of year again – the time for holiday cheer, family fun, and you guessed it – mountains of savory food!

While the holidays are a great time to indulge in delectable foods, it is also the perfect time to be active to combat extra calorie intake. Whether you’re watching your waistline or just looking to stay healthy in the skin you’re in – it’s important to have the right gear to support your active routine. So, before heading to the gym, taking a hike in the cool winter weather, or gearing up for a popular Thanksgiving Turkey Trot this season, be sure your bag is complete with the right essentials. Here are some tips from our team:

Get Active!

Sometimes getting active is as simple as having the right workout gear. When packing your bag for an adventurous day, include your favorite pair of sneakers and workout outfit. Make sure they are comfortable, fit well and won’t cause skin irritation. Consider including recovery products, such as compression socks, which are great for blood flow. If the cold weather hasn’t reached your city yet, maybe bring a towel for perspiration, because we all dread sweat in our eyes. Lastly, hydration is key, so grab a bottle of water or your favorite sports drink.

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Be Proactive!

Regardless of the activity you choose to do and the workout clothes you pack, injuries are often inevitable. Whether you are running a marathon, lifting weights or enjoying a family game of flag football, prevent and manage these pains ahead of time, so you can enjoy your holiday season to its fullest.

One solution has it all: MedZone’s Activity PAK, a combination kit that helps combat chafing, blisters, pain, muscle aches, sun burns, scrapes and more. Each product – PainZone, ChafeZone, BlisterZone, and BurnZone – is conveniently packed into travel-size tubes for daily on-the-go use.

Share the love!

In addition to working on your own fitness routine this season, consider sharing the perfect active gear with your friends and family. After all, the holidays are all about giving, and a gym bag packed with essentials like the MedZone Activity PAK makes for a great christmas present.

Happy holidays from our MedZone family to yours!

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