MedZone Launches Business Sanitizer Program To Offer Custom Hand Sanitizer Options For Businesses

MedZone is launching - a new Business Sanitizer service to businesses in the Kansas City Region.

If you run a business you will probably need hand sanitizer for your employees.  Understanding the best sanitizers, how much you need and where to put them are all key parts of the process to get your office equipped with right safety products.

"Today companies need to be working on their core business but having the right safety products is important as well. The Business Sanitizer Program by MedZone was created to help deliver the best products without employees having to run to the local retailer in hopes to find what you need.  We do the work for you when it comes to hand sanitizers." said Joe Freeman, CEO of MedZone.

MedZone has created basic starter packs for small, medium and large businesses and they also offer a custom option to help outfit an office with the appropriate sizes, styles and quantities.

"Our goal is to make it simple.  Companies can go to to learn more and find the best alternative.  We are here to help." said Freeman

MedZone has worked with OTC products extensively over the years and they understand hand santizer.  Their products are registered with the FDA, made in a FDA registered lab and distributed out of Lenexa, Kansas.

The company plans to perfect the program in the Kansas City area and then expand to more cities in the near future.  They are working with companies nationally to help business customers of all sizes.

If you company needs help with Hand Sanitizer for your office go to to learn more.

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