MedZone Sponsors Dance Teacher Summit in New York

On July 28-31, MedZone presented its premium line of athletic products to dance instructors and dance studio owners who attended the Dance Teacher Summit in New York.  MedZone understands that dancers are athletes also and has created specialty marketing campaigns and programs to help dance studio owners provide MedZone products to their students.

As a title sponsor MedZone was able to present to the entire group at a breakfast meeting.  "Dancers are athletes and our products have a great track record of helping athletes since 2001.  Our products help dancers and can help dance studio owners help their students. We are excited to continue our growth in the dance industry." said Joe Freeman, CEO of MedZone.

MedZone plans to attend the Dancer Palooza show in Long Beach California and continue to work and support dancers and performing artists in addition to it existing customers. 

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