March 08, 2018


MedZone Supports Chiropractors With SouthWest Airlines Ad


MedZone has recently started an ad campaign to promote chiropractors via Southwest Airlines in flight magazine. The ad campaign will run in Southwest Airlines The Magazine for several months this spring and can be found on the game page.

"In an effort to bring awareness to PainZone and to the chiropractic profession, we wanted to promote both to travelers of Southwest Airlines.", said Joe Freeman CEO of MedZone. "We want people to see their local chiropractor for treatment and ask them about using PainZone as a compliment to their professional treatment."

The ad can be seen in all Southwest Airlines magazines this spring, found in the back seat pockets during flights.  If you see the ad feel free to take a picture and post it on Facebook tagging MedZone, Chiropractors and Southwest Airlines.

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