New Sample Tubes of PainZone Topical Analgesic Available To Chiropractors

Since 2001, MedZone, the makers of PainZone have provided a premium topical pain relief product to athletes and active people to help manage sore muscles, back pain, arthritis symptoms and more. Today, PainZone is also focused and dedicated to the Chiropractic Industry.

“We want to work with chiropractors to help them help their patients.”, said Joe Freeman, CEO of MedZone. “We’ve recently entered the chiropractic market and we are growing the number of chiropractic offices who are carrying our PainZone to help their patients. We’ve listened to what the doctor’s want and now we are excited to announce that our new sample program with four unique tubes of PainZone.”

The new tubes have 4 ml of PainZone in them that offer a patient several uses to try out the product. “A doctor can now give a sample to a patient and they have more than one use to assess the positive impacts of PainZone. By providing a larger sample, it gives the patient and the doctor more opportunities to evaluate our product.”

PainZone is not available in mass retail, mass retail websites, supermarkets or pharmacies. The product is only on the shelf at professional offices with chiropractors and other medical professionals. By focusing on providing great products and programs for professionals PainZone has become one of the few topical analgesics that is not available in mass retail, mass retail websites, supermarkets or pharmacies and strong enough to be a truly professional grade product.

If you are a part of a chiropractic or medical office, you can receive your free samples to test PainZone with your patients at

To purchase PainZone for your practice, the products are available at major distributors or through the MedZone Wholesale Program at

PainZone has been seen in Chiropractic Economics, Chiropractic Products, Dynamic Chiropractic, The National at FCA, multiple state chiropractic association meetings and was awarded the Top 100 Readers Choice Award from Chiropractic Products.


Chiropractor looking for a pain relief option for my patients

Angela Drezner March 16, 2020

My aunt and uncle told me to see if they was a chance to get a free sample to see if it will help my pain in my back

Elizabeth Brown March 16, 2020

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