TODAY Show Segment Featuring Face Balm for Face Masks by MedZone

Prevent “maskne” with a dermatologist-recommended Face Balm For Masks.

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12 Summer Bestsellers You'll Want To Use Year-Round: See the Summer Essentials Shoppers Couldn't Live Without.

Despite the lack of in-person shopping available this summer, shoppers have found ways to find the best products online.  Among the 12 Summer Bestsellers is MedZone's Face Balm.  "In the first few weeks after MedZone launched the product, the company sold over 2,000 units on Amazon." 

It's no secret that the TODAY Show is nationally recognized as a place to see what products are trending and actually work.  The feature on the TODAY Show helped generate a lot of buzz for MedZone's Face Balm. 

MedZone introduced Face Balm to the scene amidst the global pandemic when it was needed most.  Face mask irritation is now a very common issue, and Face Balm soothes that irritation into oblivion.  Face Balm is made with all-natural ingredients and is dermatologist-recommended. 


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