Face Balm For Masks (3 Pack) - Skin Care For Face Masks



Prevent “maskne” with a dermatologist-recommended Face Balm For Masks. This all-natural face mask skin care solution is made to help prevent skin irritation while wearing a protective mask. Glide this on where the mask is rubbing against your skin to create a friction barrier to protect your skin. Now you can work and be comfortable in your mask.

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  • Help prevent maskne
  • Helps reduce friction, chafing, and chapped skin
  • All-natural Skin Care For Face Masks
  • Contains Vitamin E & Aloe
  • Travel size
  • Great for industrial, medical, first responders, or anyone wearing a mask

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Patricia Mabie
Best Ever

I use the Face Balm on my lips….best lip balm ever.

Great product

It's like lip balm in that it moistens the skin and makes the mask much easier to wear. I haven't had macne since I started using it.

Marie Wilhelm

I haven’t gotten any new acne or any worsened acne since using this! I love it for wearing a mask all day at work!!

Rhonda Reineke

Face Balm by MedZone - Balm For Masks (3 Pack)

Sarah Forst
Great for teachers

We all know how important it is to wear a mask to protect ourselves and others, but there's no question that it can get uncomfortable, especially if you're wearing one all day! I've seen a lot of teachers on social media mentioning getting rashes from their masks, so as an educator I was definitely interested to try Face Balm. It looks similar to lip balm and has a similar consistency. It doesn't have a strong smell and goes on smoothly. It provides a protective layer without feeling heavy. It seems hydrating for the skin as well!

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