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  • FOR ACTIVE INDIVIDUALS: Anti-Chafe product for Active individuals, athletes, cyclists, swimmers, & more. Works with all sports and activities to help prevent friction that causes chafing, thigh rub, chafed.  Easy to use stick glides on your body easily and help prevent issues before they start.  It offers quality chafe prevention for him or for her.  If you walk, run, swim, cycle, play baseball, football, soccer or ride a motorcycle, chafing prevention is now in your hands.
  • PREVENTS & PROTECTS: Prevent chafing, rubbing, blisters caused by friction between the skin with our long-lasting formula. Use before your activity and apply to legs, thighs, chest, nipples for runners, bra band and neck line if chafing occurs.  It also is great to take to the beach to prevent swimsuit rash or for use with surfing or board shorts. It provides a thin layer of skin protectant directly on your skin to minimize friction from rubbing. Use the anti chafe prevention stick for nearly any use.
  • TRUSTED IN THE FIELD. Used by athletes, military, and law enforcement professionals; trusted by professional and university teams and athletic trainers since 2001. Collegiate athletes to fashion models use ChafeZone as a chafe and blister prevention tool.  Many customers use ChafeZone as their primary tool for chafe prevention.  Created by sports medical professionals and now available to athletes at all levels of competition
  • QUALITY APPROVED. Manufactured in the USA within an ISO Certified, FDA registered lab. Used by Certified Athletic Trainers around the country. Backed by a 100% No-Risk Guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.  We know that EveryBODY Hurts and ChafeZone is a large part of your workout and exercise routine.  Now you have a solution for prevent chafing before it starts.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? - ChafeZone is an anti-chafe stick that you apply directly to the skin before a workout.  By creating a friction barrier it helps prevent issues like chafing, thigh rub, monkey butt (yes, that is a term used in the market!), swamp ass, chub rub, bust rub and more. Whatever the term, these issues are caused by friction on the skin from rubbing together.  Runners, triathletes, swimmers all can benefit by using ChafeZone before activity. We also can help with scuba suits, walking, and kids playing at the beach or pool.  

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