ChafeZone - Chafe Prevention Stick Used by Golfers & Caddies at U.S. Open Golf Tournament

ChafeZone, an anti-chafe prevention stick that is used by athletes and active people in all sports was used this week at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Course.  Many caddies and players need help preventing chafing and thigh rub during the rounds of play.  Work with a relationship with Dr. Jeff Poplarski, Director of Wellness for the U.S. Open ChafeZone was available to golfers, caddies and volunteers at the event.  This marks the third year, MedZone and the U.S. Open Wellness Team have worked together to help golfers, caddies and volunteers prevent chafing and friction related issues.  Thanks to Dr. Jeff for trusting ChafeZone with his patients and athletes.

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