SweatZone Workout Enhancing Balm Introduced To The Fitness Market

MedZone has announced the introduction of SweatZone Workout Enhancing Balm to the fitness market.  SweatZone is a balm that applies directly to the skin to be used during a workout.  SweatZone can be used to increase heat and sweat in specific areas of the body.  By acting as an insulator of sweat it enhances the workout and heats up areas where the balm is applied to.  
Workout Balms are used by weekend warriors, crossfit, active athletes who want to enhance their current workout and work specific parts of the body.  SweatZone comes in an original formula but it also comes in an All Natural formula with organic ingredients.  The All Natural formula is great for athletes who prefer natural and organic ingredients.
SweatZone will be available in a 14.5 oz tub and will be available in hands free stick containers as well.  It's Made in the USA and brought to you by the experts at MedZone.  

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