10 Easy Ways To Give Your Chiropractic Office A Facelift

You want your chiropractic office to make a stunning first impression when customers walk through the door. You want your patients to feel relaxed, comfortable, and content. The way your customers will engage with your practice is entirely dependent upon the atmosphere and vibe of the physical space.

Is your chiropractic office attracting and retaining your visitors?

A small investment in the look and feel of your office could lead to word of mouth marketing, repeat business, and a long-term increase in revenue.

So here are 10 easy ways to give your chiropractic office an instant facelift, so your customers will feel right at home when they walk in for an appointment.

  1. Add greenery.

Studies have proven that plants play a significant impact on wellbeing. They help filter the air, which creates a healthier and cleaner environment. They also absorb noise, which can make your office quieter and more inviting.  Plus, plants can even improve your employees’ productivity by reducing illness-related absences and boosting thought processes.

Plants help your patients feel more connected to the natural world. This will help them feel a sense of relaxation and calm before going in for their appointment. They’ll think of your office as a lush oasis away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives.

Tip: Put plants in corners. This creates a strong energy that ties the room together nicely.

  1. De-clutter and clean.

Dirty offices don’t come off as professional. Maintaining the cleanliness of your office shows a level of professionalism and credibility that’s critical in the medical profession.

Start by eliminating clutter. This means hiding all office equipment, cords, and “extras” that are on the floors or counters. Create a filing system that will reliably keep track of all necessary papers.

Then, make sure you create a thorough cleaning schedule for your office. This should include cleaning windows inside and out, deep cleaning carpets, and scrubbing down tables. We recommend hiring a professional cleaning service for daily sanitization of your office.

You also want to remove anything that’s dated and replace it with updated, modern items. For example, are your waiting area chairs comfortable and inviting? Are your chiropractic posters new and relevant? Is your equipment old and used up?

You might also want to consider repainting the office to give it a fresh look. White walls are often too harsh, but neutral colors can create a modern aesthetic. Go for light gray, beige, or a pale neutral to build a stunning, clean décor.

  1. Give your receptionist a good chair.

The first person your patients see when they walk in is your receptionist. They’ll notice his or her smile, attitude, and desk chair.

As a chiropractic office, you want to show that you care about your own employees’ back care. Putting your receptionist in a chair with lots of back support demonstrates to your customers that you walk and talk (and sit) the mission of structural support.

Plus, a supported receptionist will give off a happier and more energetic vibe to the patients as they walk through the door. Take care of your employees, so they can take care of your patients.

  1. Provide water and coffee.

One of the greatest acts of hospitality is simply providing something to drink while your patients are in the waiting room. This little luxury will show your customers you care about them, which further engages them with the office.

There are two ways to do this. The first is to provide a table with the amenities, which allows your customers to “help themselves” and feel more at home in your office. Or you can have the receptionist offer the drinks, which creates a more intimate interaction and customer service. Don’t waste the opportunity to connect with your patients.

Focus on providing healthy options, like water with fruit in it or healthy teas. You might want to partner with a local coffee or tea brewer as well to establish a marketing collaboration.

  1. Use consistent artwork.

Chiropractic “posters” have become outdated. Instead, decorate your office with unique artwork that creates a soothing environment. This could be abstract art or art that reflects the structure of the body. If you want to provide informational posters, make sure they are modern and related to your brand.

Either way, make sure your art and décor are consistent throughout the entire office, including in the patient rooms. This creates a subliminal flow that will make your patients feel at home.

Tip: Use artwork that reflects your brand logo and colors for a more unified business.

  1. Flaunt your logo.

Like any business, your chiropractic practice should have its own brand and logo. You should use this logo on your website, packaging, and marketing materials to build brand recognition.

You’ll also want to use this logo throughout your office to create a sense of consistency. Use your logo on the front of the reception desk, on your artwork, and even on the backs of office doors.

Your logo is what patients will think of when they think of your brand. Make it memorable, and use it frequently to instill multiple impressions with customers and passersby.

  1. Don’t neglect scent and sound.

It’s the smallest details that count. Playing tranquil music throughout the office can create a positive flow that will relax your patients. You should also consider using an aromatherapy diffuser to release calming scents into the air, like lavender or eucalyptus.

Together, this creates a relaxed environment that will make your customers feel like they’re walking into a spa. These details can add a layer of luxury that will put your practice one step ahead of your competition.

  1. Incorporate technology.

Tech is a must for all modern and growing chiropractic offices. Using online software to gather information about clients creates consistent, secure data that will allow you to easily and effectively maintain ongoing records. It also shows your customers that you’re constantly innovating and growing, which is critical in the medical world. Even offering a check-in iPad can help streamline the reception process for more efficient appointments.

  1. Give value with educational materials.

An “information wall” is a favorite for chiropractic patients. Offering pamphlets and flyers about medicine, massage, back support, nutrition, and lifestyle are great ways to provide strong value to your customers. Your patients can learn while in the waiting room or they can take it home to engage further on their own.

Note: You can use these same educational materials in your marketing!

  1. Sell pain relief products.

A wall of pain relief products adds value to your customer’s experience. They’ll feel like you’re providing full-service pain relief from the moment they walk in the door until after they’ve gone back home. Offering (and recommending) pain relief products provide them with methods to take control of their own health while at home.

Plus, offering pain relief products further adds credibility and legitimacy to your business. It shows that you have collaborations and partnerships in your industry, which can further establish you as a dependable leader.

Learn more about the benefit of offering pain relief products in your chiropractic office here.

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