The 5 Benefits Of Pain Relief Products For Chiropractic Offices

You want your chiropractic office to provide a full range of services and products to enhance your value and patients’ experience. The best way to give your patients the full capacity for healing, you need to provide them with pain relief products that assist their recovery.

If you go into a spa, doctor’s office, yoga studio, massage parlor, or other service-oriented business, you’ll almost always see a shelf of products on your way out the door. That’s because these businesses see the value of offering products. Your chiropractic office can see the same branding and revenue effects as well.

Why should you offer pain relief products for your chiropractic business? And which products should you consider?

  1. Provides pain relief in the interim

We know that no one can be completely healed after one visit to the chiropractor. But we also know that patients expect to be healed after one visit. And if they aren’t healed instantly, they start to blame the chiropractor (rather than realizing that years of damage takes more than one session to resolve).

But you still want to provide your patients as much relief as possible—and as fast as possible—, especially in between visits. Alleviating some of their pain will help your patient relax about the healing process, so they’re more likely to come back to you for more office visits.

Providing your patient with an actionable plan makes them less frustrated with their recovery. Pain relief products can take care of your patients until the next time they come into the office and you can work your magic.

  1. Increases recovery time

The “placebo effect”’ is when patients start to heal simply because they are told the solution is working. If a patient knows and trusts their chiropractor, they will believe in his or her pain relief remedies. When the chiropractor suggests that a product will instantly relieve pain, the patient will start to believe it—whether or not the product is even real. Simply the diagnosis and the act of applying the product signals the patient’s brain that they are healing—and this will actually speed up healing.

But this doesn’t mean you should give your customers a fake pain relief product. It just tells us that patients need an ongoing boost so they can take control of their recovery process.

You want to offer the best products that provide legitimate assistance. If you tell your patients that the product will undoubtedly work, they’ll believe it as well. That’s why you want to be certain in the products you offer, so you can reflect that certainty back to your patients.

  1. Builds a relationship

Because you’re focused on making the customer feel better, the patient will start to feel that. It will make them trust you more because you’re providing them with ongoing solutions and treatment. This trust starts to build a relationship between patient and practice. The more connected they are to your services and brand, the more likely they’ll come back—and tell they’re friends.

Patients are highly particular about their chiropractors because the fate of their structural health is in your hands. Simply providing high-quality products that help your customers can build the trust that’s necessary for them to keep coming back to you time and time again.

Tip: If possible, offer free samples that will allow patients to try (and fall in love with) the product before committing. This adds another layer of customer service that will engage your customer on a deeper level.

  1. Creates another revenue stream

Selling products provides a supplemental income stream for your business. Even though you may not own the rights to the products, you will usually receive some percentage or commission for any purchases within your chiropractic office.

A lot of chiropractors like to use the revenue from their product sales towards their marketing budget. The more products you sell, the more you’ll have available to market your business. The more you market, the more customers you’ll bring in the door. The more customers you bring in, the more revenue you’ll create and products you’ll sell—putting you in a positive cycle of growth.

  1. Builds your collaborations

Collaborations are an important part of doing business, especially for local businesses. Having a partner can open you up to new audiences, ideas, and marketing strategies.

For example, your chiropractic office might partner with a local yoga studio for “structural wellness” events. This gives you exposure to the studio’s clients while mutually expanding your business’ visibility and engagement.

Partnering with a pain relief product company gives you direct access to a market that’s already in your industry. The people already using and loving those products will seek out local chiropractors who also believe in the same products. This tells the consumer then feels like you share the same values and objectives.

Pain relief product companies like MedZone are also constantly learning and expanding. They need to have the best, most updated products in order to compete. There’s a lot you can learn about the industry by working in tandem with a company that is focused on ongoing innovation.

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What kind of products to sell?

The most important product to offer chiropractic patients is a topical analgesic. These are used to “numb” the area of pain so the patient can persist with their regular work or activities. You want to offer a pain relief product that covers a wide variety of aches since each of your patients has their own pain stories.

For a topical analgesic, we recommend PainZone. This concentrated formula has just five anti-inflammatory ingredients to quickly dull pain in both the short- and long-term. It’s used to relieve tired muscles, joint aches, back pain, sore muscles, and even arthritis symptoms. Patients especially love the no-mess roll-on applicator, so they can get pain relief on the go.

Try it yourself! MedZone is now offering sample tubes of PainZone to chiropractors!

MedZone offers a lot of other great pain relief options to put in your office as well:

If you’re not sure which of these will sell in your office, start with a survey of your customers. Get a feel for what they’re looking for and where their greatest pains are coming from. For example, if your audience is primarily athletes, they might be interested in ChafeZone. But if your audience is primarily handymen and laborers, a Wound Wash might be a useful way to stock up their first aid kits.

Still not sure which products your patients are craving? Try out the assorted Activity Pakto test out which products are most popular!


You want to alleviate your patients’ pain while engaging them deeper with your office. Offering a shelf of pain relief products is the simplest and most cost-effective method to deepen your relationships with consumers, provide a wider array of offerings, and gain extra cash flow.

At MedZone, our goal is to make sure you are fully stocked so you can treat your patients’ aches, pains, and wounds from start to finish. You want to provide the best quality of life to patients, and we’re here to support that mission.

Are you a professional looking to provide your patients with the most effective pain relief products? Learn more about product wholesaling in your chiropractic office.

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