Face Balm for Masks Featured on Global Cosmetic Industry

MedZone's All-natural Face Balm for Masks was featured on Global Cosmetic Industry.  

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Global Cosmetic Industry discussed products in recent article that aid in battling skin irritation, sun damage, and anti-aging.  At the top of the list is MedZone's Face Balm for chafing while wearing a mask.  "The natural formula comprises coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, aloe extract, avocado, jojoba and olive oil."

Global Cosmetic Industry is a reputable magazine that showcases regional and global trends in the beauty industry.  They introduce new products to help create buzz, and keep readers up to date on the latest popular items. 

Face Balm by MedZone is the perfect addition to anyone's everyday kit.  "Maskne" is a relevant topic today, and Face Balm soothes that irritation with its all-natural ingredients. 


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