MedZone's Face Balm for Masks Featured on BURO.

Face Balm, an all-natural, anti-chafing stick by MedZone.

Best anti-chafing products from gels, creams to everything else in between

With warmer weather comes wearing cute shorts, skirts and tank tops.  And the one thing that ruins this is, of course, chafing.  MedZone's Face Balm for Masks, "Is a Godsend during these turbulent times".  Face Balm helps prevent "maskne" and is very moisturizing on the skin. 

BURO. is a online blog that talks about all things luxury and lifestyle.  With tips and tricks from people across the world, BURO keeps its viewers up to date with all of the latest trends. 

In the midst of the pandemic, MedZone wanted to reach as many people as possible to help with the new trend of complaints, chafing while wearing a mask.  This chafing stick is all-natural and contains soothing ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter.  Face Balm is one of the latest and greatest additions to the MedZone family of products. 

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