Interested in Being a Face Balm Ambassador? We are looking for Teachers!

What is the best treatment for maskne?  How to Prevent Maskne?  What will help my face when I wear face masks? How do I deal with pimples from wearing a face mask?

We want to help you answer these questions.  Our new all natural Face Balm is a great tool to help prevent the friction and rubbing that comes with wearing face masks.

Often times wearing a mask your face can sweat, coupled with the rubbing of the face mask on the chin, nose, ears or cheeks can cause small dots, acne or what is now being called "maskne". 

Maskne can occur with any one who wears a face mask for prolonged periods.  Teachers, nurses, medical personnel, first responders, restaurant workers and more can benefit from using Face Balm to help prevent rubbing from face masks.

If you wear a face mask for extended periods of time and experienced changes your skin, you are not alone. As if dealing with the stress of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic wasn't enough, now many are wondering how to deal with skin issues that can arise from wearing a mask all day. Stress can play a role in the development of skin conditions, making it even more challenging to determine what may be causing our breakouts, rashes or bumps.

Today, with the increase of wearing a mask for extended periods, what used to be a skin irritation more commonly seen in athletes wearing chin straps and helmets is now a concern for people in all walks of life. 

The key to avoiding this problem is preventing it before it starts.  At MedZone we worked this summer to create an all natural formula that can be applied directly to the face and then wear a mask.  Face Balm is easy to apply, all natural, comes in an easy to carry stick that can be carried on the go and new to the market in 2020.

We have heard from many teachers this summer who have benefitted from using Face Balm to help prevent the break outs on the face.  Check out what one of our favorite teachers in Florida said about Face Balm. @thecrazycreativeteacher

MedZone wants to say thank you to the many teachers and other workers who are wearing their face masks each during during these chaotic times.  We appreciate all that you do to help get us through 2020.

Consider Face Balm for you or as a gift for friends who can use it to help their fight against maskne and skin irritations from wearing masks.

We are looking for teachers to help us tell their story of fighting maskne.  If you are a teacher and want to work with us on our social media campaign to support teachers and bring awareness to Face Balm as a preventative tool to help fight irritations from face masks email us today to discuss how we can work together.

The requirements are simple to be an ambassador for Face Balm.
  • Want to have fun
  • Be a teacher
  • Willing to promote Face Balm on your social media
  • Allow us to promote your social media accounts in our marketing materials
  • Contact us today to see if we can work together

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