MedZone Launches HandSanitizer.Net - Showcasing Industrial Dispensers

MedZone has launched its latest brand, Hand Sanitizer.Net to help promote new hand sanitizer dispensers for offices and professional workspaces.

The new dispensers are made from stainless steel and offer many unique features to allow the dispenser to work effectively in your work space.

  • Foot pedal operation requires no external power source. No need to plug it in or use batteries.  This allows more options for placing the dispenser where it is most effective and less maintenance since there is no need for batteries.
  • Uses any hand sanitizer. There are no proprietary refills required so you can choose to use any sanitizer you like.  MedZone offers high quality American made sanitizer but it is not required for use in these dispensers
  • Stylish design shows high quality professional look than cheaper plastic or cardboard dispensers. The unit looks great and displays very well in a professional setting.

Since 2001 the team at MedZone has offered high quality products to its customers. The addition of the HandSanitizer.Net brand now bring another great product to the market for industrial settings where hand sanitizer is needed.  The brand is easy to remember and the look of the dispenser is unique and stylish.

You can learn more about the brand and the dispensers at 

The team has also released its first video infomercial on the product. You can see the video below.


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