MedZone Introduces Wound Wash Zone - Sterile First Aid Saline

MedZone announces the introduction of Wound Wash Zone sterile first aid saline.  Since 2001 the company has provided premium products to the sports medicine marekt and the addition of a Wound Wash product is a great expansion of the product line. 

Wound Wash is used for gentle cleansing and irrigation of wounds.  The new 8 oz can is larger than many other products in the market place and the new 360 degree spray can allows the can to be used at any angle for ease of application.  Wound Wash is drug free and preservative free, doesn't cause burning or stinging, offers a sterile first aid saline option for athletes and active people in any sport.

The product is Made in the USA and the contents remain sterile through the last spray.  Wound Wash is a great addition to any first aid kit, home use or for travelling to athletic events.


Wound Wash Zone Sterile First Aid Saline

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