"A Big Thumbs Up To The MedZone Products" says LinksNation Golf Equipment Product Review

MedZone's Activity PAK was featured in a very positive product review on LinksNation golf site. 

The magazine noted, "We found that for Golf, their ChafeZone and PainZone products are a game changer."  They tested the products in real game conditions on a southern Florida round, walking the course with golfers and caddies with great results. 

"A big thumbs up to the MedZone Products...they will be with me from now on for both pre and post rounds and especially when I travel", said the reviewer.

MedZone's products and Activity PAK have proven to be valuable additions to golf bags year round.  Golfers and caddies at all levels can benefit from each of the products.


LinksNation Golf Site

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