The mission of MedZone® is to make EveryBody Feel Better. MedZone products work to prevent, treat and manage aches, pains, discomforts, wounds and skin-chafing issues for individuals in sports, industrial settings and recreational activities.

Our products were initially designed in 2001 based on requests from medical professionals, athletes and in 2002, U.S. Military Special Forces. Over the years the products have been adapted to work for athletes, active people, law enforcement, military and for certain healthcare needs.

The products are OTC topical products manufactured in a FDA-registered facility in compliance with FDA regulations, designed to be long lasting, transdermal and focused on delivering relief to individuals from all walks of life in addition to athletes.

They were originally developed by a Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer who was also a Licensed Physical Therapist with over 40 years’ experience working with high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic-level athletes. MedZone® products are made in the USA and used on a regular basis by medical professionals, active individuals and athletes in a variety of sports and for a wide variety of conditions. Today we use state of the art labs to create our formulations to give customers the best possible products.

ChafeZone®, PainZone® BlisterZone and SweatZone have proven to help triathletes, cyclists, team sports, dancers, rodeo, hiking, swimming, hockey, basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse, BMX riders, motorcycle riders, industrial athletes and with other high intensity activities. Whether you chafe, suffer from chub rub, sunburn, windburn, blister, ache, back pain or have arthritis one of our products can help you.

The MedZone® team works hard to help our customers. We are committed to being an industry leader, being socially responsible and creating a very special company that understands customer needs while delivering some of the best products in the world to the market. We tell people we have "Great Products and Awesome Service!"

Twenty years of surveying, researching, testing, and formulating have resulted in our products being used at Wimbledon, Olympics, professional sports, collegiate sports, youth sports; preferred by medics and corpsmen, and the choice of athletes for every sport. Today many colleges and professional teams use our products for their athletes.

While are roots are in sports, we are working on expanding our product line into other non athletic markets and communities.  We are dedicated to providing premium products to a variety of people.  Watch for more products in the non-athletic markets/communities in the near future. 

In 2016, the company created new brands to help customers of all sizes with issues that have plagued athletes for years.  

In late 2017, MedZone began working with Doctor's of Chiropractic to offer PainZone to the patients of Chiropractor's around the USA.  PainZone is not available in mass retail or pharmacies, but can be found at your local chiropractor.  If you are a patient of a chiropractor clinic ask for PainZone as a topical pain relief option.    

In 2020, the MedZone team started focusing on fitness and hygiene products to help people enhance their workout and daily hygiene. The SweatZone brand was launched with a line fitness gels and workout accessories focused on enhancing workouts.  SweatZone is great for the at home work out or the workout in the gym.

During 2021 plans were created to bring hygiene products to our customers.  SweatWipes were launched and the first versions of hand sanitizers and hand hygiene products were nearing completion.  With the unfortunate events associated with the Corona Virus the team accelerated our efforts and brought multiple versions of hand sanitizer gels, hand sanitizer spray mists and a foaming hand sanitizer to the market.  The team at MedZone once again found a need for our customers and brought a quality product to market to help fill that need.

At MedZone we are here to help you. Feel free to reach any time if we can assist any of you.. Thanks for visiting MedZone.

How did MedZone begin?

MedZone was founded in 2001 by a Certified Athletic Trainer who for nearly 40 had been trusted by professional sports teams, medical doctors, rehabilitation facilities, and Olympic Athletic Trainers for his knowledge and expertise in the area of muscle and tissue recovery and relief.

His core competency and passion for sports medicine and rehabilitation lead him to high-level Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainer roles with professional teams including the Seattle Mariners, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons, and Phoenix Suns. His expertise merited him positions with the World University Games, Clay Court Tennis Tournament, Olympic Training Center, U.S. Olympic Festival and the 1996 Olympics.

In 2015, the company was acquired by an experienced management team and investment group to help grow MedZone to its full potential.  The company is growing its product line, expanding it distribution and helping more customers in many markets. 

Under new management the company continues to strive to deliver the highest quality products and service to all customers from the professional athlete to active weekend warriors. The entire MedZone team is looking forward to working with you. At MedZone we are proud of our "Why".  We work hard to live by our culture.  To see our culture slide click here.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at so we can find a way to help you.

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